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Since 1989, Favinger Plumbing has completed thousands of plumbing projects. From large commercial buildings, like the Georgia Pacific Tissue Warehouse, to popular restaurants like Stanello’s and the Kyoto Japanese Steak House, Favinger Plumbing’s workmanship has become an integral part of the Bellingham scene.

Favinger Plumbing has also built a solid reputation in the custom home industry, having plumbed hundreds of homes and condominiums in every price range throughout Bellingham and Whatcom County.

Favinger Plumbing expanded into the international marketplace in 1994 when they were contracted to install plumbing and heating for worker housing at a fish hatchery in Russia. Since then, Favinger has twice been involved in hosting visiting delegations of Russian contractors as part of the Center for Citizen Initiative Productivity Enhancement Program, an effort to help Russian businesses improve by studying American techniques and practices. Again in 2004, Art traveled back to Russia to consult for BTI Construction for plumbing at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

While maintaining a presence in both commercial and residential construction, Favinger Plumbing expanded its role to include plumbing service and repair in 1989. Favinger currently runs two full time service and repair trucks, carrying the latest advancements in plumbing equipment, underground pipe locators, and an an extensive selection of faucets, fixtures, and water heaters. Our rolling warehouses carry enough inventory to take most projects right to completion!